Love Art Udon, a new concept from the Love Art Brand, marries the flavors and style of Japanese udon and tempura with the effortlessness of American style counter service. Customers start with a base bowl of udon noodles followed by a choice of a savory broth or unique sauce.


Located in Packard’s Corner
The Love Art story continues,

Co-owners Jessica Chiep and Ronald Liu credit their inspiration for Love Art Sushi and Love Art Udon to their numerous adventures abroad, where they fostered a deep appreciation of different cuisines. The pair hope to continue to diversify the Boston food scene and introduce Asian style foods to the general population. A component of their concept is the ability to uphold the integrity of the cultures they represent while spearheading new and delicious ways to enjoy food. Jess Chiep states, “We love the old school comfort of made from scratch food, but the ease of fast casual service.” They wanted to bring more attention to udon, since ramen is getting all the hype these days and make the comforting noodle dish more prevalent in the Boston food scene. 

The Love Art team dedicated hours to planning the restaurant interior and aesthetic, featuring dark natural wood tables, white marble countertops and black and gold accents throughout the space. Love Art Udon’s interior will also feature artwork from Japanese Artist, Hayato Kawaii. Who worked hard on the mural that spans the entirety of our bar seating area and features components of the Love Art brand, as well as “Easter eggs” about the owners, society, and the company itself. The mural was designed with a street art/ anime style in mind, paying homage to the restaurant’s Japanese roots while incorporating details about the owners and Love Art Sushi team. 

Our Store

1024 Commonwealth Avenue, Unit A
Boston, MA, 02215
United States
(617) 208 8659

Store Hours
Monday - Sunday
11:30AM - 9:30PM

*Late Night abridged menu. Full menu closed.


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